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Wisdom is finding the solution. We all face difficult situations on a daily basis, whether in business, with family, dealing with auto repairs or home maintenance issues, challenges in our personal relationships or our spiritual life. The list is unending. However, I have found that if I want to be successful in any area of my life, I need to stay focused on trying to find a solution for whatever problem I am facing.

It will not be long before that same problem-solving skill will come to my rescue in another area of life as well. So, this week if you find yourself in a situation like that with the shopping carts, I want to challenge you to be the one to find a solution.

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It will not only benefit you, but could show kindness to others as well, just as my friend did. Besides, you can smile knowing that you are solution-conscious, not problem-conscious. This skill and attitude will set you apart from the crowd. Cream always rises to the top!

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Rock on this week! Summary: On ecommerce sites, saving shopping-cart items for possible later purchase must be discoverable and low-effort. In our recent research across 49 ecommerce sites , we frequently observed shoppers using the cart as a holding area to compare items and save products while they continued to shop or for later sessions.

Thus, it makes sense for users to want to avoid redoing the same work. However, using the shopping cart for saving items of interest occasionally conflicts with the normal functionality of the cart, which is to hold items for the current purchase.

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In these cases, being able to save those products for later consideration proved critical. Site-provided tools such as wishlists, Save for Later options, or Favorites lists were used in these situations. Although many sites in our study featured wishlist s that allowed users to save items for later, people were reluctant to use them because they expected a high interaction cost for setting them up for example, due to having to register.

Instead, most participants preferred to save products for later by adding them to their cart. Furthermore, the label Wishlist implied to users that its primary purpose was for sharing gift ideas with others; many thought that doing so will be perceived as greedy or inappropriate, and neglected to consider other uses for wishlists.

Tip: Unstick the shopping carts!

Names like Favorites or even My List did not have the same greedy connotation, although they also carried expectations of tiresome registration and setup. Wishlists are often made available in the page header next to the cart button and on product pages often near the Add to Cart button.

See our list of the best WooCommerce plugins and tools for more. If you use Shopify, you can use one of their themes with shipping rate calculators built-in , or add a shipping rate calculator to any theme. So, if you want to have them come back to it later, it is really important to keep the cart in clear view.

Otherwise, it will be out of sight and out of mind.


This could be something as simple as a cart icon in the corner of the screen that expands when you click or hover over it. If you are using WooCommerce, you can easily add a customized cart icon like this to your menu bar with the WooCommerce Menu Cart plugin. Not only does this slow down the process, but most customers will actually bounce.

Inputting information, confirming an email address, and then returning to the shopping cart is a lot to ask of a customer who likely has other online options to choose from. Tear down the sign-in barrier by enabling a guest checkout. One of the best ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment is to eliminate unnecessary pages and streamline the process. Do your customers really need to click through five different pages to complete a purchase? The more you can simplify the process and reduce the number of hoops a customer has to go through, the better.

Straight Talk about Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shoppers will inevitably have questions during the checkout process. A chat feature is an ideal option if you are prepared to offer it.

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LiveChat makes it super easy to add a chat to your WordPress shop and it integrates with many online shopping carts, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid, and more. Just make sure that shoppers know how to get in touch with you when they have a question. Top Tools: Want to add live chat to your site? Check out the best live chat plugins and software! They open a bunch of windows, find similar products, compare prices and terms, and then make a final selection.

A particularly discerning shopper may even do this for days before making a final decision. There are several options to accomplish this, depending on what shopping cart provider you use. Here are a few:. Check out our roundup of cart saver tools for more!

Including security badges and guarantees is proven to help instill confidence, and reduce cart abandonment.