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He's still pining for the one he loves who is currently out of reach. He's in Amsterdam because his family sent him away. When he meets Kitty he finds someone he likes, someone he can talk to. She seems confident and experienced. Kitty has two great guys in her life now and she is falling in love, but is that really a wise thing to do?

This is Not a Love Story is an interesting story about living, love and life. Amsterdam is a fantastic setting and Keren David describes it really well. I loved seeing all the familiar places through her eyes. The main characters are fascinating. Kitty is an insecure girl who's trying to be more confident and more daring. She's still herself, but she tries to be a more outgoing version. She has health problems and she doesn't want any of her new friends to know about them. She wants people to see who she is without the label of being an ill person which is understandable and it makes a good story.

Theo is in Amsterdam against his will. He's staying with a relative, because his parents sent him away. He worries about his mother, who's gravely ill, but he isn't allowed to be there for her.

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He's hurting and he's sad and he doesn't expect life in Amsterdam to bring him completely new experiences and a new version of himself. Ethan is a bit of a bad boy, but a very sensitive one. He isn't easy to read and always has a plan, to do something, to liven things up. He's talented, but doesn't know what to do with his future. They form an unusual group of friends and they're perfect main characters for this amazing story.

This is Not a Love Story is a story about finding yourself, about discovering who you are. Ethan is completely himself.

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He's bisexual and he flirts with everyone around him, but he doesn't let anyone come close. Kitty is intrigued by him, which adds to his image. He's also a little bit dangerous to be around. This story works so well because of the main characters. They're all from families with difficulties, they all have something to hide and they're trying to find their way in Amsterdam. Ethan is half Dutch and Kitty and Theo are English.

For Kitty and Theo everything is new and it was wonderful to see them grow up really quickly. They discover a lot about themselves in a short period of time. That results in a surprising ending which I liked very much. I highly recommend this original book, it's really great.

Feb 18, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya , contemporary-ya , fiction , uk-ya , favourites , travel , uk-fiction , male-pov , friendship , dual-pov. It's no secret that I love Keren David's books - I don't think there's any other author that nails the British teenage experience quite like she does. Although I've haven't reviewed it here, her previous book Salvage manages to balance realistic characters, engaging plot and heart-rending issues, something that I imagine is far trickier than it looks. I hate describing reads as 'issue' books, because it somehow feels like a disparaging comment rather than a compliment, with an automatic assumpti It's no secret that I love Keren David's books - I don't think there's any other author that nails the British teenage experience quite like she does.

I hate describing reads as 'issue' books, because it somehow feels like a disparaging comment rather than a compliment, with an automatic assumption that for a book to deal with tough or diverse issues, it has to sacrifice something in terms of plot or character. Ok, this has been true of some books but as This is Not a Love Story shows, just as Salvage did, it's more than possible to write about issues without sacrificing anything at all. This where the similarities with Salvage end, however. Whereas that previous book put me through the emotional ringer by confronting some of the darker parts of society, This is Not a Love Story beams positivity and is one of the most refreshing books I've read in a long time.

In fact, I can't think of anything it really falls into the same bracket as at all. Kitty's optimistic outlook on life is infectious and seeps through every page. I adored Kitty, but then I adored Theo and Ethan too - can't actually choose between them and wouldn't want to! This is the most realistic depiction of modern teens I've read in a long time - they're funny, emotional, they don't always have all the answers and they make mistakes, but then they move on.

Their small expat community reminded me a lot of my gap year interactions many moons ago - you arrive in a new place, you fall in with a group and you get along with people no matter what your differences. This is the first YA book I've read about Judaism and I loved the way it was presented as both a uniting force and common ground between Kitty and Theo, but also showed how religion isn't one dimensional - their upbringings had more differences than they did similarities and this connection wasn't the be all and end for them. Also, a shout out to the structure of the story - the added element of mystery ensured this a proper, bonefide page turner.

So whereas This is Not a Love Story isn't a love story or is it? Jun 06, Emer rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in , reviewed. Isn't it? I didn't go into this book with particularly high expectations, so I can't say I'm disappointed with it. The story sounded slightly dull, but I kept an open mind. I liked the setting. I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam. I liked how Kitty was optimistic about moving. Cute setting. Unusual premise. Kitty's obsession with Instagram was really, really annoying. Social media just doesn't belong in novels.

I don't mind the occasional reference, but it seemed like Keren David was desperately trying to make the story current and modern. People reading this book in five years could well be like someone reading about a Bebo addict today. Kitty's filter fondness made her seem narcissistic and conceited. I couldn't quite decide whether she actually was or not.

How to Write the Male Point of View

I mean, let's be honest, we've all looked at a beautiful sky and thought about how many likes it would get, but I for one tend to snap out of it pretty quickly. Her constant selfies and descriptions of watching the likes 'flood in' was irritating and cheapened the story. It seemed like a gimmick to make the story hip. Another way David tried to get down with the cool kids was the theme of bisexuality.

Was it just me, or did it almost seem like she was poking fun at it? She talks about how bisexuality is 'really in at the moment' and how 'everyone in Amsterdam is trying it'. I'm not bi, but I know that that's the exact image that bisexuals are trying to get rid of!

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She makes bisexuality out to be an experiment, something to do if you're bored with heterosexuality, and again, it made the story seem really cheap. And finally, the love. It's true, This Is Not A Love Story is not a love story, but we don't realise this nor do the characters until the last chapters! The whole novel revolves around Kitty looking for love, thinking she could fall in love with Ethan, thinking she is in love with Theo, Theo thinking he is in love with Sophie, etc etc.

It was kind of repetitive and made all the characters seem really naive. So, overall, This Is Not A Love Story thought it was a love story, and also thought it was really cool when it wasn't. The story had a lot of potential, but I didn't think it delivered. Aug 12, Kirsty rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourites , ukya , review-books , lgbt , uk-author.

I have been a fan of Keren David for a while. Her stories are always really engaging and I oten find myself reading them in one sitting because I can't put them down. This book was no exception. I loved This is not a love story from the first page. Firstly it is one of those books that has made me to want to book a trip to the place where it is set for a holiday.

This book is set in Amsterdam focusing particularly at the many British people that have made it their home. I I have been a fan of Keren David for a while.

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It describes Amsterdam as a really fascinating and beautiful city which I really want to go and explore now. I loved the story of Kitty. Kitty is 16 and just moved to Amsterdam for a new start with her mother. From the first page you really feel for her. She has had it tough over the past few months and is in a really fragile state and going to Amsterdam really gives her a new lease of life and a chance to find out more about who she is without her past hanging over her.